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Every student in school or college ever came across a task to write an essay.

This task is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, as it requires certain skills. This is not only the skill of writing texts on various topics, but you also have to use logic and the ability to analyze information. That is why many students cannot write a single line when they start working on an essay. It is not enough to have good knowledge about the object of study.

But if you get acquainted with certain tricks of work with an essay, you will be able to write essay in a day, and this essay will be really high-quality and interesting. Especially if you put all your efforts into this task. Writing an essay on the story is actually very simple. Remember a few tricks, and all the work will become much easier.

First, do not abuse dates in the essay.

Why? Because in the requirements for such an essay nothing is written about the dates, but for an error they can get points. Therefore, before writing the year, month or hour of the events that you have so carefully studied, consider whether you are sure of its correctness? However, there are some fairly well-known dates that you must know and use in such an essay.

The second rule: remember that you are not a writer. Leave the beauty to writings on literature. There should be a beginning, a climax, and a disclosure of the topic. In the essay on the history you will not add points for the beauty. Therefore, we write clearly, informatively, it’s okay if the text will seem clumsy, if there are tautologies in it. The main thing is that the essay complied with all the requirements for which put points. The expert will not appreciate your “beauty”, since he will have as many of these essays in a day as you do not write in the entire preparation period.

This rule also applies to the size of sentences and text in general.

Think of your professor: do you think he wants to read your opus? No, I do not want. Therefore, we strictly write only what is stated in the requirements that your professor should explain to you. Whenever possible, you can add one event to each person and one investigation just in case, if all of a sudden the main events you have indicated seem insufficiently important. But no more.

It is also important to have a strategy, that is, to make a work plan.

Before you write an essay, make a small plan with the personalities, events and consequences that you follow when writing. This is necessary for clarity and consistency of the text.

These simple rules will help you write a qualitative and interesting essay, even if it consists only of historical facts. Remember that the work on the essay is an art, so allow yourself to relax and do this work perfectly.

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