The greatest enemy of every student.

Whether you are studying within a structured environment like a school, or you are studying for yourself to acquire a new skill, procrastination can cripple your progress.

And the best way to combat procrastination is to entrench your life within a framework of habits.

Habits reveal to us, in no uncertain terms, that we are all creatures of subconscious drives, or as the NYU psychologist Jonathan Heidt put it, our conscious mind is a rider of the elephant, thusly signifying the strength of each. Therefore, the trick to overcoming bad habits, such as procrastination, is to motivate the elephant – our subconscious mind – to work in our favor.

First, if you’ve ever entertained Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, and how it relates to the style of learning, please evict it out of your mind. This would be a wise thing to do because Gardner himself   dismisses   key parts of his theory, and completely dismisses its application to various learning styles.

That leaves us with good old planning and perseverance approach, up to a point where a habit becomes second nature – something that is simply performed instead of consciously thought about. Thankfully, although digital technology has assailed us with seemingly never-ending distractions, it also gave us valuable tools to overcome them. One of such tools is the   Egenda app, available for Android and iOS smartphones. This wonderful app allows you to gain a comprehensive mental picture of all your study obligations and progress. You can use it to add classes, and all accompanying detail about them, along with tasks and exams.

Such outlining of everything is my essay service critical to remove the mind-haze present if you simply rely on having a vague inkling of what you need to do and when. Such vagueness opens up a space for the forces of procrastination and rationalization of your inactivity! On the other hand, when you properly use an app like Egenda, there is no room for such space to occur. Therefore, when you leave the tasks you need to complete untouched, the clarity of them being untouched will create enough anxiety to successfully override the procrastination drive!

Moreover, using such an app gamifies your work, and the more tasks you complete, the more you will receive dopamine hits. The dopamine mechanic is critical in establishing good habits and overriding bad habits, as you can   see here. As a student, that is probably the most useful video you will ever see in your life. Let it serve as a foundation, as you employ other well-known study habits, such as:

  • Break up study sessions – every person has their tolerance for continuous mental strain. Don’t try to exert yourself beyond your limit. However, once you are reinvigorated, don’t use it as an excuse to procrastinate.
  • Shut down distractions – nowadays, this is usually your smartphone, but make sure to identify and remove other distractions as well.
  • Reframe what you learn – the best indicator of knowledge comprehension and retention is if you can relay it to someone accurately and in your own words. Do this as often as possible, with an imaginary person in your head.